Advantages of Tracomo

1 Active Surveillance System - Intelligent Passive Surveillance System - Just View & record
2 Private unique IP Based System – Security of Recorded Footage Third Party IP Based System – Security Threat (Somebody else might be viewing)
3 Recording only when Motion Happens - Saves storage space upto 60% Continuous Recording - Huge storage space required based on no of days.
4 Storage in file/folder format with Date and Time. Ease of review. Continuous Clip. Complex viewing in cases of accessing specific incident.
5 No centralized wiring required for CCTV set up across premises. All cams connected to central DVR resulting in huge wires running across premises. Tedious and costly - Cost of wire Rs.30-35/m, Prone to regular wear/tear/cuts etc.
6 Easy to relocate camera location any time need arises. Complete wiring needs to be replanned in such cases involving high costs.
7 Customer requirement based Intelligent Alarm/alerts Programmable NA
8 Upgradable for Controls Require in Home/Industrial/Traffic Automation NA
9 Power Consumption per Camera 0.12 units/day - So cost of power consumption is Rs. 25/month/camera (maximum) Power Consumption per Camera 1.152 units/day - power consumption cost Rs. 242/month/camera (minimum)
10 Distributed System with multiple processor (convenient in size) makes it difficult to sabotage entire CCTV network. DVR is Centrally Installed, very easy to sabotage entire CCTV network.
11 Image processing based intelligence like fire detection programmable. NA
12 Digital Cameras upto 8 MP and lower with excellent clarity Analog CCD Cam upto 1.2 MP Low clarity and limited to close distance.
13 Can be integrated with existing or new DVR CCTV system No such functionality available.
14 Processor most reliable and made in UK. Supplier Warranties available. Hardware made in China, reliability is an issue. Mostly dealer warranties.
15 Camera used are of companies like Omni vision used in iPhone, RedMI, OnePlus smartphones Back Camera – Sensor Make Sony 15 year old camera technology. Needs specific interface to connect to digital network.
16 Central storage can be remotely configured and stored in a secure location. Not possible as Central storage is linked with multiple wires running across CCTV network.
17 Data can be stored locally, or on cloud, or on existing computer - Cost Saving Option Data can only be stored locally
18 Live View on Mobile, Laptop, iPad, Desktop, Monitor - system functionality can be checked remotely No way to keep track of system functional status remotely except physically viewing and checking DVR records.
19 No extra Monitor needs to be installed, as we can view from regular devices we use - Cost Saving Option Extra Monitor like TV needs to be installed as mandatory hardware - Increases Cost
20 Recordings can be downloaded anywhere, anytime Recordings can only be downloaded only from the site where DVR is installed using a specific software
21 Motion detected by camera for upto distance of 110 to 150 meters. Camera range is 10m-15m (Tested in Live conditions - Claimed by top manufacturers)
22 Works in low to ultra low light - Digital Camera's Advantage Low light views have clarity issues owing to Analog nature of Camera
23 High Frame Per Second options Available - for Live HD like videos (30/60/90/120 fps) Limited Frame Per Second available - Not good for High speed / Accuracy Applications
24 Hardware Imported from The United Kingdom & Taiwan and then programming for intelligence done In-house Most of the camera’s and DVR Systems are imported from China, and are of very cheap quality